Hard habit to shake: Dutch PM Rutte has to hold his hands up
AMSTERDAM: Dutch Prime Minister Mark Rutte had just gone on live TV to tell the country’s 17 million residents to stop shaking hands to help combat coronavirus when he immediately broke the new rule.
“From now on we stop shaking hands,” he said during a Monday evening news conference. “You can foot-tap or elbow-bump, or whatever you can come up with. ..but from today on we are going to stop shaking hands.”
Minutes later Rutte turned and enthusiastically shook the hand of Jaap van Dissel, the head of the Dutch Center for Infectious Disease Control who was also giving the press conference.
Van Dissel pointed out Rutte’s mistake.
“Sorry, sorry! No, that’s not allowed! Let’s do that again,” Rutte said, breaking into a laugh. - Reuters