Qureshi calls on South Punjab
MPs to aid govt in establishing province
Statesman Report
Multan: Foreign Minister Shah Mehmood Qureshi on Saturday urged PML-N and PPP lawmakers from South Punjab to join the PTI government in moving forward with establishing a separate province by forming political consensus.
“You say you want a South Punjab province. If you truly want this, give us proof. Join the government, don’t just make statements, step forward practically and assist us,” he said. Take credit for it if you want, we are not opposed to that, but let us move forward, he said.
Addressing a press conference in Multan Saturday, the foreign minister said: “Refrain from adopting the mindset that we will not do anything, nor allow anything to be done. Only if the people of this area work together, can this move forward.
“If we remain entangled [fighting] each other, we may be able to score political points, but we will not be able to achieve our goal. Now, the decision has to be made by the people and their elected representatives.”
The foreign minister also clarified that claims of the secretariat being established in Bahawalpur were false. “I am categorically saying that such a decision was not taken.”