New polio case confirmed from District Nuashero Feroz

KARACHI: The Emergency Operation Centre for polio in Sindh on Saturday confirmed one new polio case from District Naushero Feroz that takes the total tally of Sindh to nine and 30 for Pakistan for the current year 2020.
A four-year old female child has been affected by polio with weakness in her facial muscles in UC Lalia with the date of onset being February 23, 2020.
The child had received seven doses of Oral Polio Vaccine (OPV) according to parents and no IPV, investigation is ongoing.
The National EOC and Sindh EOC have started to fight back to get polio eradication on track and reverse this trend.
The first step was the successful December NID followed by a case response in January and yet another campaign conducted in February.
In Karachi, the February campaign achieved 97.5 per cent and the overall Sindh campaign achieved above 100 percent administrative coverage.
The National EOC and Sindh EOC urge parents to ensure immunization of their children both in routine as well as the special campaigns planned by the program during next few months.
It is clear that the gap in campaigns last year has left a large immunity gap and the EOC will regularly hold campaigns and is working around the clock to address this gap.
It pains us to see the rise in polio cases and it is our mission to turn this situation around and get back on track to save the future generations of Sindh and Pakistan. – APP