Experts urge masses to seriously, actively adopt preventive measures to contain coronavirus
KARACHI: Prominent consultants of infectious diseases have advised the general public to take the Coronavirus seriously and practically adopt the preventive measures issued by the authorities concerned and medical professionals because only preventive steps can help to stop local transmission of the virus.
President MMIDSP Prof. Dr. Bushra Jameel along with consultant infectious disease Dr. Samreen Sarfaraz and others spoke on the occasion.
These views were expressed in a joint press conference by members of the Medical Microbiology & Infectious Diseases Society of Pakistan (MMIDSP), at Karachi Press Club here.
They said that now there is an urgent need to contain coronavirus and only preventive measures can help to control it because most viruses are self-limiting. Prior to immune clearance, the virus replicates rapidly and disseminates to another organism, they added.
They said that every individual should take good care of himself so as to play his role to contain coronavirus and seriously and actively follow the preventive measures. Wash hands properly, use sanitizer, properly dispose of tissue papers after use, avoid touching face unnecessarily and other important steps to stop coronavirus, they added.
They said face mask should only be used by the persons infected with coronavirus because excessive use of face mask by the public at large is not recommended and it will also create shortage of mask. – APP