President urges countrymen to own war against corona
ISLAMABAD: President Dr Arif Alvi while terming war against coronavirus “my own and personal”, has urged the countrymen to take responsibility of educating others about the precautions against the disease with frequent hand washing above all.
“The war against Coronavirus is my own & personal. I have to battle it in my house & recruit every family member, relation & friend as a soldier. I want YOU to fight with me & post 'What you did today' (everyday) on any SM forum instagram/Twitter/TikTok. Please use #iFightCorona,” the president said in a video message on his Twitter handle.
President Dr Arif Alvi said as the coronvirus storm is feared to hit every family, he wanted to share with the people what he had done as his part against the spread of the virus that had so far affected around 155,000 in 156 countries.
President Dr Arif Alvi recalled that he felt ashamed to avoid handshake with some apparently poor people he had met yesterday, so that they might not feel bad. But, he resolved that in the future he would shake hand with none in any case rather greet others with hands on forehead or chest.
He advised the people to frequently wash hands as the most effective method to avoid the disease which could only be spread by touching the droplet from the carrier’s sneeze or cough, not through the air.
The president said he would be updating the people about what he had done on the day to protect himself from the disease and urged others too to follow the suit. - APP