Israel deploys cyber-monitoring against coronavirus, tells people not to leave home
JERUSALEM: The Israeli government began deploying cellphone-monitoring technology against the coronavirus on Tuesday, and issued directives urging people not to leave home.
Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s cabinet approved emergency regulations that will enable the Shin Bet internal security service to tap into cellular data to retrace the movements of people infected by the virus.
The data, customarily used for anti-terrorism, will be used by the Health Ministry to locate and alert those who have been in their vicinity, the government said.
Such cyber monitoring would normally require parliamentary ratification and judicial oversight. Netanyahu, who announced the measure on Monday, circumvented the process by invoking the emergency orders.
In a separate move, the Health Ministry published new directives telling people to largely remain at home.
The directives added beaches and parks to a list of places, including schools, shopping malls, restaurants and theaters, that have been closed to the public. No more than 10 people are supposed to gather together.
But it said Israelis could still go to work – many businesses are operating with reduced staff. – Reuters