PHC issues precautionary measures against corona spread in jails
PESHAWAR: The Administrative Judges of Peshawar High Court for Prisons, Justice Rooh Ul Amin and Justice Ishtiaq Ibrahim on Friday issued directives for precautionary measures against spread of Coronavirus for safety of inmates in jails.
The directives include imposing ban on visitors in jails, new inmates ought to be segregated and kept in a separate barrack, doctors of the jail concerned shall examine all the new inmates and shall be bound to give a certificate in writing as to the health condition, requirement of quarantine.
They directed the staff deputed in jail ought to keep safe distance from the inmates and should not mix up with them. The inmates should also maintain a reasonable distance to curb spread of fast-spreading corona.
The staff ought not themselves work at the kitchen or for distribution of food.
All the inmates be provided with warm water for gurgles etc and for maintaining health and hygiene. - APP