Spain daily virus death toll spikes to 743 after drop
Madrid: Spain’s daily coronavirus death toll shot up to 743 on Tuesday after falling for four straight days, bringing the total to 13,798, the health ministry said.
However, it emphasised that the rise was due to weekend deaths being tallied and that the overall “downward trend” is continuing.
The new figure represents a 5.7 percent increase over the 637 deaths recorded on Monday, the lowest number of fatalities since March 24 in the world’s second hardest-hit country after Italy in terms of fatal outcomes.
The number of new infections also grew at a faster pace, rising 4.1 percent to 140,510, the health ministry said. The number of new cases rose 3.3 percent on Monday.
The “slight” rise was due largely to the fact that many deaths and new infections which occur over the weekend are only now being recorded, said Maria Jose Sierra of the health ministry’s emergencies coordination unit.
“In reality the downward trend is what we continue to observe in the reports we have received in recent days,” she told a daily news conference on the figures.
Spain had seen the number of new infections and deaths drop each day since it recorded a record 950 fatalities on Thursday. – AFP