PM Imran warns of ‘action’ if precautions not followed in mosques during Ramazan
Statesman Report
ISLAMABAD: Prime Minister Imran Khan said Tuesday the government "will take action" in case coronavirus safety precautions that were agreed between the government and Pakistani ulema are not followed by people as the country eases lockdown restrictions.
The prime minister was updating masses on the latest situation regarding the coronavirus. Imran said that Pakistan was an "independent nation" hence it could not force worshippers to not pray in mosques.
"The war for coronavirus is being fought by the entire country. It will not differentiate between the rich and the poor. It can happen to anyone," he said. "If we install police outside mosques and throw worshippers in mosques, independent nations do not behave like this," he added.
Imran said that Pakistani ulema signed a 20-point agreement with President Alvi that contained SOPs and conditions based on which mosques will be reopened.