VCs expresses resolve to make online classes successful
ISLAMABAD: Vice Chancellors have expressed their full commitment to making online classes and e-learning a success amidst the closure of universities in the wake of situation created due to COVID-19 crisis.
During the third Vice Chancellors’ Committee meeting held since the closure of universities due to the spread of COVID-19, the university heads reviewed the progress on universities’ readiness to offer online classes to avoid academic loss. The meeting, conducted online through Microsoft Teams, was attended by all Vice Chancellors from across the country.
The vice chancellors expressed their resolve to accelerate their efforts, with the collaboration of HEC, to enhance the quality of online classes, ensure the readiness of e-learning components, and contribute to the national effort against the prevailing crisis. They thanked the HEC for facilitating the universities in executing the Learning Management System (LMS). They asserted that they were committed to resolving all the issues facing the students, faculty and administrative staff in making the LMS a success with the assistance of HEC.
On this occasion, Chairman HEC Tariq Banuri stressed the need for immediate measures, on the part of universities, to ensure readiness for online classes. He requested the Vice Chancellors to adopt and announce a formal Policy and Standard Operating Procedures for approval of online courses. “If you think your courses are ready for online dissemination, please communicate in writing to HEC so that they may be brought into practice and made available for students.”
He emphasised that Learning Management System (LMS) had to be put into place before the start of online classes, in order to provide information, track progress, and coordinate activities. Similarly, universities need to establish governance system for decision-making and adjudication of complaints. He asked the universities to assign responsibilities for authorisation of online classes to a dedicated decision making body, e.g., an “Online Academic Council”. - APP