Increasing testing capacity to help reduce coronavirus cases: Dr Ata ur Rehman
ISLAMABAD: Chairman Task Force for Science and Technology, Dr Ata ur Rehman has underlined the need for increasing testing capacity to reduce coronavirus cases in Pakistan.
In the wake of coronavirus pandemic, there was dire need to enhance testing capacity to check actual number of patients across the country, he expressed these views in an interview with a private tv channel program. Commenting on non-serious attitude of the countrymen regarding deadly virus, he said any illiterate and uncivilized behavior could jeopardize the situation. About the assessment of doctors dealing with coronavirus patients in the hospitals, he admitted that a proper lockdown and observing standard operating procedures, could help diminish the coronavirus cases.
Dr Ata ur Rehman said that non-seriousness was the main reason behind rising number of patients in Pakistan. Expressing his expertise in the virological sector, he said next three to four weeks, would be crucial for observing intensity of virus and affected patients in the country.
He demanded of the government to immediately make arrangements regarding equipment for testing patients in public sector hospitals so that maximum suspected persons could be detected for proper isolation. Meanwhile, Vice Chancellor of University of Health Sciences (UHS), Lahore, Dr Javed Akram advised the authorities concerned to ensure safety and security of the citizen by implementing lockdown in all parts of the country. - APP