Ghost flour mills to be closed across Punjab: Aleem Khan
LAHORE: Senior Punjab Minister Abdul Aleem Khan has said that ghost flour mills would be closed across the province and they would not get quota of wheat from the Food Department.
While talking to an 11-member delegation of flour mills owners here, he said that strict action would be taken against mills which were getting wheat quota from the government but not providing the commodity in the market. Provincial Minister Mian Khalid Mahmood was also present.
Abdul Aleem Khan said that the Food Department had been directed to adopt a pragmatic policy in which better mechanism for distribution of wheat to flour mills would be introduced and existing policies would be upgraded. He said that the Food Department had been given an important task by Prime Minister Imran Khan which would be fulfilled.
He said that wheat production in Punjab was expected to be higher than the target this year and its procurement drive was going on currently. The minister said that there was no fear of any shortage of flour anywhere in the province.
He appealed to the flour mill owners to come forward with a mission and identify the culprits who create an artificial shortage of flour through hoarding. Abdul Aleem Khan said that strict action was being taken against wheat hoarding in Punjab like in rest of the country under the new ordinance. Illegal warehouses had been sealed in Dera Ghazi Khan where 30,000 wheat bags had been recovered. - APP