KP prepares revised policy for coronavirus testing: Ajmal
Limited testing one of reasons behind KP’s high fatality rate, Jhagra says
Statesman Report
PESHAWAR: Adviser to Chief Minister on Information and Public Relation, Ajmal Wazir Sunday said that the provincial government has prepared a revised policy for coronavirus testing.
He said initially, the testing would be increased to 2000 per day which would be later enhanced to 5000 and later 10000 tests per day.
In a press statement issued here, Ajmal Wazir informed that the government has prioritized health staffers to be tested on priority basis as they were fighting on the frontline, a policy has also been framed for family members of a coronavirus patient.
He stated that if a COVID-19 patient had five members in his/her family, all should be tested, however, if the number was higher, the five at higher risk should be prioritized for testing adding closed relatives of the patient would also be tested.
Passengers who arrive from other countries should be tested within 48 hours adding armed forces, those in contact with patients including bank employees, shopkeepers and others were also part of the policy, he added.
Earlier, Health and Finance Minister Taimur Khan Jhagra on Sunday pointed out that one reason why the province’s fatality rate from the novel coronavirus appears to be high might be the limited number of tests that are being conducted. In a series of early-morning tweets, Jhagra said: “KP has a population of 35m, but 20,625 tests so far, which we are growing aggressively.”
While calculating the fatality rate, only the confirmed number of cases are taken into account, he said. The actual number of cases may be much higher, which means the province’s fatality rate is “actually much, much lower”.
In the top 15 countries with most cases, KP's apparent fatality rate is significantly below 11/15, comparable to the US and China, and higher only than Germany and Turkey.
In fact, 8/15 countries have fatality rates of around 10% or higher.
But even this data is misleading.
The fatality rate only looks at patients declared positive after a test. With actual numbers much greater, the fatality rate is actually much much lower in KP, and in all countries.