Tiger Force may get role in price control in Punjab
Statesman Report
LAHORE: The district administration may assign the recently established ‘Tiger Force’ volunteers the tasks related to controlling profiteering, price hike etc. “Initially we will appoint you outside Covid-19 quarantine centres and field hospitals for helping the government officials, paramedics, security staff etc, in various tasks.
Similarly, you will also be assigned the task of participating in various relief works in the locked down areas,” Additional Deputy Commissioner (Revenue) Muhammad Asghar Joyia said while speaking to a group of Tiger Force volunteers in a meeting here.
He appreciated the volunteers “enthusiasm and devotion” for performing various duties under the command of the city administration, including assistant commissioners, senior officials of the Metropolitan Corporation Lahore, zonal administrations (formerly town municipal administrations), doctors, paramedics and others concerned.
Sources said the administration may also use the volunteers for helping it in controlling profiteering and hoarding. The opposition has been criticising the establishment of the Tiger Force by Prime Minister Imran Khan, alleging that these volunteers are mostly activists of the ruling Pakistan Tehreek-i-Insaf who may be used to forward the party’s political agenda under the garb of relief work for the people affected by Covid-19 pandemic.