Feel like a fish out of water: Inam Butt reveals lockdown struggles
LAHORE: Pakistan’s top wrestler Inam Butt, like others, has been suffering from the lockdown caused by coronavirus as he struggled to maintain a training routine, reported Geo News.
Inam said that the challenges he faced were like being a "fish out of water" as he has been deprived from competitions as well as practice.
"I am missing my wrestling routine, my akhara and my training schedules. It is like fish out of water, that’s how I am feeling right now,” Inam said.
"There are no competitions. We can’t even do our practice as we have to maintain social distance to avoid the spread of the virus, so it has become difficult for me."
Inam has said that he does not foresee the return of wrestling any time soon adding that the sport involved body contact.
"We will have to be careful but I hope we get over this soon and we are back to our akharas," he said.
"Once this is over I will rush to my akhara to try all the moves and throws that are running through my mind these days."
Meanwhile, the wrestler has been turning to other ways to keep fit. He has also been watching old videos of himself to analyse where he could improve.
"While gym and fitness centers are closed, I am trying to do my exercise and training at home with whatever facilities that is available to me," he said.
"To keep myself motivated and positive during the lockdown, I usually watch videos of my bouts and also videos of my opponents." - Agencies