Sindh govt announces establishment of infectious diseases’ hospital
Statesman Report
KARACHI: The Sindh government on Saturday announced to establish a 400-bed infectious diseases’ hospital in Karachi.
Confirming the news in a video message, Adviser to Sindh Chief Minister on Law, Anti-Corruption Establishment and information, Barrister Murtaza Wahab, said that the infectious diseases’ hospital would be first of its kind.
“Steps will be taken to deal with the coronavirus at the infectious diseases hospital.” the Sindh government’s spokesperson said.
Barrister Wahab said that the Sindh government has been subject to a propaganda campaign by political opponents for a past few days portraying that the provincial health care system is substandard.
“We are not abandoning public service projects out of fear of propaganda. Barrister Wahab said, “The PPP [Pakistan Peoples Party] government believes in serving humanity without any discrimination and is taking various steps to tackle the coronavirus.”
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He further said that the critics should be aware that Sindh is the only province in the country where kidney, liver cornea transplants are done free of cost and where Pakistan has set an example in cardiac care.
“Our critics are afraid to mention the good deeds of the Sindh government,” he said.
“At Jinnah Hospital, the treatment of cancer, through cyberknife, is provided free of cost under a public-private partnership.”
Wahab said that expenditure on the province’s public health institutions is borne by the Sindh government which benefits the whole country.
“If political opponents cannot praise the Sindh government, they should also refrain from unwarranted criticism during a national emergency,” Wahab said urging the federal government to play their part in helping people of Pakistan out of the Covid-19 crisis.