Pollen allergy reaches its peak in Abbottabad
PESHAWAR: Like every year, pollen allergy knocks most parts of the Hazara division while Abbottabad city is the major victim during the month of May. The foremost cause of the pollen allergy is poplar tree. This accumulation of poplar pollen results in white, fluffy clouds that resemble cotton and cause allergy to the people.
Link Road Abbottabad, Supply, Mandian and Sir Syed Colony are affected by the Poplar pollen, the people of Link road the adjoining areas are aggrieved where a large number of Poplar trees are existing, a thick layer of pollen can be seen easily everywhere on the roads, streets, building and moreover in these areas the residents are helpless as the pollen has also accumulated in drinking water and food items.
In Hazara division, the Poplar is the earliest pollen producers, start releasing its pollen in February in the Hazara division and northern areas of Pakistan and reaches its peak in May. These trees aggravate allergy symptoms, even if they are not on nearby houses since trees release large amounts of pollen that can be distributed miles away from the original source.
In Abbottabad city, most of the Poplar tree ere existing in cantonment areas, Abbottabad Cantonment Board (ABC) told to media that we have started a drive to mark poplar tree those are causing pollen allergy, soon it would be decided that whether we have to completely chopped poplar or to trim during the month of May to stop the spread of pollen.
Dildar Abbassi, an environmentalist while talking to APP said that Poplar is an environment-friendly tree, “there is no need to cut it to stop pollen and allergies, we should trim poplar tree well before spring to avoid pollen”.
While talking to APP Dr. Tahir Iqbal said that pollen allergies are primarily include burning, itching, swelling in the mouth, lips, and throat, the possible preventive strategies include avoiding the outdoors when the pollen count is highest and keeping windows in your home and car closed to lower pollen exposure.
He further said that during the peak season clothes should be dried in an automatic dryer rather than hanging them outside otherwise, pollen can collect on clothing and be carried indoors. – APP