‘Learn to live with the virus,’ says PM Imran
Statesman Report
ISLAMABAD: PM Imran said that people will have to mentally prepare themselves to “live with the virus”. “Lockdowns are meant to curb the spread of the virus but can they stop it?” he asked, adding that data from Wuhan, South Korea and Germany showed that cases spike again after restrictions are lifted. “I have been saying this since day one that we cannot implement the same lockdown that has been enforced in developed countries […] they don’t have the same kind of poverty that we do.” The premier added that approximately 150 million daily wagers and workers have been affected by the lockdown. “How long can the government continue the Ehsaas programme and how long will Rs12,000 be sufficient for one family?” he asked. “We know that the country’s cases will increase, but we also know that if we don’t start taking steps [to ease restrictions], people will start dying of hunger. As prime minister I have to think about these people. “Others may be concerned with saving their economies, but I am only concerned about preventing my people from dying of hunger,” he said. The premier added that Pakistan’s coronavirus situation has not proceeded according to initial projections. “We have not witnessed the same things that other countries have witnessed,” he said. He also urged the nation to follow the government’s standard operating procedures (SOPs).