No headway in Punjab-transporters talks
Statesman Report
LAHORE: The deadlock between the Punjab government and the transporters persisted on the implementation of SOPs on inter-city transport as another round of talks ended inconclusively Wednesday.
Speaking to media after meeting with Provincial Industries and Trade Minister Mian Aslam Iqbal, All Pakistan Transport Owners Association Chairman Asmatullah Niazi said he would consult with other members on the discussions held during the day.
A delegation of transporters met with the provincial minister to negotiate on the terms of resuming transport services in the province.
“We will mull over the offer given by the government of running buses on the GT Road rather than motorway,” he said.
Meanwhile, Iqbal said that the policy of passengers sitting with a seat’s distance apart on the motorway was Center’s and that the Punjab government could not exempt them from the motorway taxes.
“We cannot intervene in the matters of the federal government,” he said, adding: “the provincial government would also request support for the transport sector as given to other industries.”
Iqbal said that the transporters were focusing on fares, while the government has to think of the poor people as well.
Earlier on Sunday, a detailed notification was issued outlining protocol for inter-city transport after an outcry by transport owners in Punjab over lack of collaboration on SOPs and reduced fares announced by the government,
The notification contained directives for owners of buses and mini buses, terminals, passengers, drivers and conductors.
In a related development, the Sindh Intercity Bus Association on Monday had warned the provincial government that it will start their services on their own, if they were not allowed to resume operations after May 20.