Police review steps taken against COVID-19 during last two months
PESHAWAR: A high level meeting held at Central Police Office Peshawar on Saturday with IGP Dr. Sanaullah Abbasi in chair reviewed the steps taken against COVID-19 during the last two months.
The main purpose of the Khyber Pakhtunkhwa police against Covid-19 was to ensure safety and security of the general public.
The meeting was informed that as per directives of the govt, KP police strictly implemented the instructions regarding lockdown in business centers, social distancing in religious gatherings as well as implemented govt lockdown SOPs in this regard.
Besides this, the Khyber Pakhtunkhwa police assisted the local administration in tracking and monitoring of COVID-19 patients coming from abroad and kept them in Quarantine/ isolation centers.
The Khyber Pakhtunkhwa police also sensitized the general public against the covid-19 through a well-planned campaign and established Quarantine centers in suitable police posts.
For this purpose police also provided best security at all quarantine centers as well as in isolation centers for affected people.
Most important was that all police officials deputed for duty were provided safety gears, masks and gloves.
Moreover, a proper mechanism of monitoring and surveillance was set up. For this purpose a high-tech Command & Control Center was established at Central Police Office Peshawar.
The IGP on regular basis reviewed the security measures taken at Quarantine / Isolation centers and implementation of lockdown of the main bazars, business centers and main highways.
The IGP talked to the police officials on duty, Corona patients in the Quarantine centers as well as the health workers deployed in the Quarantine Centers through video link and informed himself from them about their confronting problems and difficulties. The IGP also took aerial review of different cities and inspected the adopted security measures.
A review of the police performance revealed that on violation of govt SOPs a total of 11655 cases were registered and 21381 violators were arrested.
Likewise, 27000 police officials are deputed for implementation of govt instructions and 4300 cops for the security of Quarantine centers. – APP