COVID-19: Malik checks status of Senate body’s recommendations
ISLAMABAD: Chairman, Senate Standing Committee on Interior, Rehman Malik reviewed the implementation status of recommendations given by the Committee with reference to Anti-Corona National Action Plan to control the spread of coronavirus.
Malik said that most of the recommendations of the Committee have been implemented by the Ministry of Interior, Ministry of National Health Services and other stakeholders as per their report.
He appreciated the Secretary, M/o Interior for his prompt action and pursuing the matter for implementation of the Anti-coronavirus National Action Plan envisaged by the Senate Standing Committee on Interior in its meetings, said a news release.
Senator A. Rehman Malik, keeping in view the new emerging alarming situation, has expressed his apprehensions that the graph of coronavirus patients will continue to rise all over the world in the days to come and unfortunately there is no vaccine or medicine available to cure the pandemic so far.
The Senator referred the statement of Director General World Health Organization (WHO), who has shown his apprehension that coronavirus patients may go to above 200,000 during the next two months in Pakistan. D.G. WHO has confirmed the apprehensions of Senator Rehman Malik who had been constantly informing about the increase of number of patents of coronavirus.
He appealed the nation that the propaganda regarding no coronavirus is disinformation, hence do not listen to this propaganda as coronavirus is a hard fact. He also stated that the government should dispel this propaganda.
He said that according to WHO formula if one patient is infected he might affect 28 people around him and if the present figure of corona patients in Pakistan i.e. 70,000 is not quarantined properly, the figure of the infected person could reach up to two million by the end of June, 2020, according to formula of WHO.
He said that Ministry of National Health Services & Regulations should ensure temporary (makeshift) hospitals in the urban areas keeping in view the increasing number of coronavirus patients in every city, as the space and capacity in the hospitals is running out day by day.
A Special Cell be created for the patients emerging from the rural areas and make all the arrangements of their treatments within the respective rural areas, he added. – APP
The civil hospitals for coronavirus patients may be handed over to the AMC (Army Medical Corps) to manage the increasing load of coronavirus patients in near future.