IVMP actively deals with vector-borne diseases in Merged Areas
PESHAWAR: The Integrated Vector Management Programme (IVMP) for Merge Areas actively controlled and treatment of all vector borne diseases in newly merge areas and sub divisions while IVAP also participated in COVID-19 activities this year.
On the directions of Minister Health Taimur Jhagra, Chief Secretary Dr. Kazim Niaz, Director Health Services Merged Areas Dr. Niaz Afridi and Secretary Health Imtiaz Ali, the programme has actively participated in peak transmission of vector borne diseases .i.e. dengue, leishmaniasis and malaria, according to a press release of Merged Areas Health Secretariat.
In this regard, special measures were being taken including active campaigns in the districts involving multi-sectoral approach for mechanical sweeping, chemical destruction of the breeding sites of the vectors and conducting awareness sessions for VBDs through maintaining the social distancing and wearing masks as per the SOPs.
In Merged Districts and Sub Divisions there were 31 leishmaniasis cases while 546 malaria and 17 dengue diagnosis cases and treatment centers established and functional providing free of cost services.
All the districts health officers were directed for prevention and treatment of the cases as per WHO standard and national guidelines. – APP