Prince William urges public to let go of the ‘heroes’ label for front line workers
Monitoring Report
LONDON: As the front liner workers brave against the coronavirus, the world has been hailing them as “heroes.” However, Prince William is reminding the public of the intricacies of language and the negative impact they can have on the fearless healthcare workers, urging them to let go of the ‘hero’ tag.
During his documentary Football, Prince William and Our Mental Health, the Duke of Cambridge said after getting branded as “heroes”, healthcare officials and other first responders would not be able to ask for help.
“I think we’ve got to be very careful with the language that we use. [Healthcare workers] should rightly be hailed as superstars, and brave, and wonderful staff; but I’m very conscious from a mental health point of view that we don’t alienate some of them,” he was quoted as saying by BBC.
He fears that the front line workers would feel that “once they have this hero tag, they can no longer shake that, and therefore they can’t ask for support, they have to be this strong pillar of strength, when in actual fact what we need them to be is examples of positive mental health.”
He further encouraged healthcare officials to reach for help and prioritize their own health as well to make sure they come out of the crisis in “one piece.”