LPGIAP seeks 24-hour permission for LPG shops
ISLAMABAD: The Liquefied Petroleum Gas Industries Association Pakistan (LPGIAP) on Sunday requested the government to grant the LPG shops permission to operate 24-hour a day across the country like petrol pumps.
“In the coronavirus evolving situation, the poor segments of the society are facing great hardships to get the cylinder gas in reduced timing schedule. So, the 24-hour work permission should be given to the LPG shops like petrol pumps,” association chairman Irfan Khokhar said in a statement here.
He said there were several parts of the country where supply of natural gas was not available and people solely relied on the inexpensive LPG there.
Terming the LPG ‘fuel of poor,’ Khokhar urged the government to allow the shops to function round the clock and devise a more effective strategy to control the commodity price as domestic consumers, especially in remote areas, had started losing their purchasing power due to economic slowdown caused by the coronavirus threat. – APP