Will go to UK if need be to bring Nawaz back: PM
Statesman Report
ISLAMABAD: Prime Minister Imran Khan said he is willing to go to the United Kingdom if the need arises and speak to UK Prime Minister so that Nawaz Sharif could be repatriated to Pakistan. This was said by the prime minister in an interview with a private news channel where he lashed out at Opposition parties, especially PML-N supremo Nawaz Sharif. He said that the former prime minister wanted to “turn the Pakistan Army into Punjab Police”, repeating accusations that the PML-N chief wanted to control the armed forces. The prime minister referred to Opposition leaders as “thieves”, vowing to never let them form their government in Pakistan even if he does not remain in power. “Even if I am not in power, will not let these thieves return [to government],” said PM Imran. “If they return, I will mobilise the masses to come out on the roads [to protest].” The premier said he knew who Opposition leaders keep meeting in secret, adding that he “receives reports” about it. He said that it was no use talking to the Opposition, reiterating his accusation that they were demanding a National Reconciliation Order (NRO). “The state will be destroyed if the government gives them an NRO,” said the premier. Nawaz being hailed as a ‘hero of democracy’ in India: Imran Referring to the recent exaggerated Indian media reports of a “civil war” breaking out in Karachi, PM Imran said the incumbent Indian government is the most anti-Muslim and anti-Pakistan in history. “Their media is hailing Nawaz Sharif as a hero of democracy,” he complained. “Let us decide once and for all, is India our well-wisher?” The prime minister reiterated his stance that India was involved in sectarian killings in Pakistan. PM Imran said he had warned the nation before Dr Maulana Adil Khan’s assassination, that India was stoking the flames of sectarian conflict in Pakistan “Who is playing this game to instigate anarchy in the country,” he asked. �