Taliban rejects allegations of PM Imran’s interference in Afghanistan

Taliban denies PM Imran’s interference

Afghanistan’s Deputy Information Minister Zabihullah Mujahid says Imran Khan’s efforts for peace to Afghanistan are commendable.

PESHAWAR: Afghanistan’s Deputy Information Minister Zabihullah Mujahid denied the allegations that Prime Minister Imran Khan is interfering in the internal affairs of Afghanistan and said that his efforts for peace are commendable.

Mujahid told a press conference in Kabul that the Taliban does not want any country to intervene in Afghanistan but would welcome mutual co-operation. During the press conference, Mujahid said that Islamabad was not interfering in the internal affairs of Afghanistan and consider Pakistan, Qatar, China and other countries supporters of the Taliban government in Afghanistan.

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Cabinet expansion

Taliban spokesman has announced the names of more members of the Afghan interim cabinet. Talking to Afghan media, Mujahid said that they are moving towards a comprehensive government. He announced that Engineer Najibullah has been appointed as the head of Atomic Energy, Nazar Mohammad Muttamin as the acting head of the National Olympic Committee, Dr Qalandar Ibad as acting Minister of Health and Abdul Qayyum Zakir as the Deputy Minister of Defense.

Mujahid said that Nooruddin Azizi, a businessman from Panjshir, has been appointed acting Minister of Commerce of Afghanistan and Muhammad Bashir, a businessman from Baghlan, has been appointed Deputy Minister of Commerce. He claimed that the appointments are largely based on professionalism and competence.

Responding to criticism Mujahid said, “We are being criticized for violating rights without recognizing the Afghan government, it is a one-sided approach.” He said that it would be better for critics to criticise responsibly and recognize the Afghan government as a responsible administration. “Critics can legally share their concerns with us,” he said.  

During the press conference, Zabihullah Mujahid also spoke about the international terrorist organization ISIS, during which he said that the ISIS hates Afghan people, claiming that the Taliban have taken effective measure against ISIS in the past.

Girls’ education

“The girls will be allowed to go to school as soon as possible. We are working to complete the procedure so that the girls can resume their education,”Mujahid said.  Adding that the news about the threats of Al Qaeda is propaganda. He said that the helicopters at Kabul airport were destroyed by the Americans and now they are working to strengthen the Afghan air force. He said the main radar of Kabul airport has been destroyed while the central radar of Kabul airport International flights will resume after the repairs. He added that the World Health Organization’s visit to Kabul had raised hopes for solution to the health sector’s problems, as well as using diplomatic channels to unfreeze Afghanistan’s assets.

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