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Covid-19 causes steep rise in depression, anxiety: New study

Covid-19 causes steep rise in depression, anxiety: New study

PESHAWAR: A new and study published in the Lancet Medical Journal states said that the Covid-19 causes steep rise in depression and anxiety. The study said that in the first year (2020) of the Coronavirus pandemic, the number of patients suffering from depression and anxiety has increased by a third.

The research work revealed significant impacts on mental health with an estimated 52 million people were affected by depression and an additional 76 million people fall victim to anxiety disorders.  The study further revealed that most of the victims are women and young people.

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Coronavirus has caused five million deaths worldwide so far, but experts say that number is much lower than the actual death toll. According to a study released on Friday, the countries with strict Coronavirus restrictions on free movement have led to an increase in cases of depression and anxiety.

According to Dr Damien Santomaro, lead author of the review and a researcher at the University of Queensland, said that the Covid-19 is causes steep rise in depression and anxiety. He said, “Our findings show that there is a need to strengthen the mental health system as it is affected by depression and anxiety disorders due to Covid-19 pandemic.” He said that providing mental health services during the pandemic is a challenge but not paying attention to it is not an option.

For the study, experts from North America, Europe and East Asia have collected and analysed data. According to the study, before the global pandemic, a total of 193 million cases of depression were estimated which reached to 246 million by 2020.  Similarly, there were an estimated 298 million pre pandemic cases of anxiety worldwide, up from 374 million last year.

According to research, the number of women victims is high due to gender discrimination in health facilities in many parts of the world and domestic violence against women have also increased during the Covid-19 restrictions. The research work said the closure of educational institutions have forced young people to confine themselves to homes, which has adversely affected their mental health and they are second only to women among the victims.

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