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Arandu and Dorah Pass: KP to open more trade routes with Afghanistan

Arandu and Dorah Pass: KP to open more trade routes with Afghanistan

PESHAWAR: The Khyber Pkahtunkhwa (KP) government has decided to open two more border crossings – Arandu and Dorah Passes – to boost trade with Afghanistan and the Central Asian Republics (CARs).

The crossing points are known as Arandu and Dorah Pass near Salim Shah area in Chitral district.  The federal government has issued the notification to open the Arandu crossing point in 2019.  The Khyber Pkahtukhwa chief minister special Advsior on Industries Abdul Karim Khan told the media that the new crossing points will not only generate economic activities in Chitral but also employment opportunities for the local population.

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The CM aide said that the chief minister will formally inaugurate the trading routes on occasion of 4th conference on the industrial development of Chitral on November 12 to 13. The trading routes are of historical importance and for decades it remains the major links with central Asian countries.

The advisor said that during the conference, the government will also announce several uplift projects for the district including the special economic zone in Chitral, the Chitral Chamber of Commerce and the National Bank building. The crossing points were shut down for years owing to bad security condition in the region.

The traders associated with Pakistan-Afghanistan trade expressed the hope the reopening of the trading routes will user and new era progress and development in Chitral district. The traders said that Chitral has very important geographical position. The district order Afghanistan’s Kunar, Badakhsan and Nuristan province.

After the Taliban seized power, Pakistan exports to Afghanistan are on constant decline after the as import orders have been cancelled due to non-availability of funds and closure of country’s construction sector. The traders said that Kabul is shifting its attentions to central Asian countries for its imports. Traders said that cement makes up to 40% of Pakistan’s total export to Afghanistan but now its exports have reduced zero.

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