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Mob burns murder accused to death in Charsadda

Mob burns murder accused to death in Charsadda

Khyber Pakhtunkhwa (KP) said that a local man accused of killing a local youth was allegedly burned alive inside his house by an angry mob.

PESHAWAR: The Khyber Pakhtunkhwa (KP) police said that a local man accused of killing a local youth was allegedly burned alive inside his house by an angry mob on Friday night.

The police said that the incident took place within the limits of Charsadda district police station. Charsadda City Police Station official added that the man who was burnt alive was differently-abled and had killed a local youth over a pity dispute on Friday [29 October].

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“After the murder, the family members of the slain youth and villagers staged protest by placing the dead body on the road when an angry mob surrounded the accused’s house and set it on fire,” the police official said. Heavy contingent of police reached the spot but the police could only rescue the disabled man’s sister from the house, but the accused and his mother remained inside the home.

“The mob set the accused on fire and later set fire to the house. As a result, the accused was burnt to death while his mother was rushed to hospital in critical condition.” The police said that a police Station House Officer (SHO) and three policemen were also injured in the incident and were rushed to a hospital for treatment.

The locals said that the family of the differently-abled person was Afghan nationals but were living in Charsadda district for a long time. But police have not yet confirmed it, saying that further investigation into the case is underway.

The video of the incident is being circulated on social media where it can be seen that an angry mob is setting a house on fire while a uniformed policeman is approaching the mob. The mob can be heard asking each-other to put the disabled man in the fire, who has took refuge from the mob on the top of the house.

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Meanwhile, the Chief Minister of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa took notice of the incident and demanded the Inspector General of Police to submit detailed report. In a statement issued from the Chief Minister’s House, the Chief Minister condemned the incident and said that “there will be a transparent investigation into the incident and no one will be allowed to take the law into his hands.” The Chief Minister ordered the police to take necessary steps to ensure law and order situation.

The local people said that the dispute between the two families was going on between the differently-abled person and a local youth. They were accusing each other of stealing pigeons. And finally, the man who was burnt alive today got angry and opened fire on the young man, killing him on the spot on Friday.  Later, an angry mob stormed the house of the accused.  The rest of family escaped but the disabled youth and his mother took shelter on the roof of the house. The mother of the accused was rushed to a hospital in Peshawar in critical condition.

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