PM Imran to unveil first national security policy today

PM Imran to unveil first national security policy today

After its approval, the government haD said the document will be made public within a week.

PESHAWAR: Prime Minister Imran Khan to public the first National Security Policy approved by the National Security Committee (NSC)on 27 December, last year.

After its approval, the government had said the document will be made public within a week.

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The 100-page document has three main points of economy, military and human security as the national security advisor Moeed Yusuf has said that they are shifting National Security Paradigm of Pakistan from geo politics to a geo economics. The sources said that the security policy will be reviewed on an annual basis and each new government will have the authority to shape it according to the changing situation.

The official sources said that the policy stresses on Peace, co-ordination and boosting trade with neighboring countries. However, few days back, Dr Yusuf said that it is impossible to formulate free national policies when the nation is depended on the foreign loans.

Hybrid Warfare, strategy to increase the national resources and Kashmir has been declared as important in the new policy. “Resolving the Kashmir issue is one of the policy priorities,” the source said. The policy also maintained that growing population is a major challenge to human security. The issues such as migration to cities, health, water and environment, food and gender are also some of the key elements of human security. Besides, good governance, political stability and strengthening of the federation are also part of the policy.

Yusuf while briefing the national security committee, had said that Pakistan was moving towards a comprehensive national framework aimed at ensuring the safety of Pakistani nationals. “To achieve this goal, the NSA put economic security first as only a strong economy will generate additional resources that will help improve military and human security,” the adviser has said. 

However, the opposition has criticised that the policy should have been discussed in the parliament before approval.  The opposition maintained that it would be difficult to formulated an effective policy without taking the parliament into confidence.

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