‘Sheen Pekhawar’: Govt to launch another tree plantation drive

'Sheen Pekhawar': Govt to launch another tree plantation drive

PESHAWAR: The Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Local Government Department has decided to launch ‘Sheen Pekhawar’ tree plantation campaign in the provincial capital.

Daily Mashriq has quoted the KP Local Government Department as saying that saplings will be planted on various vacant plots in provincial capital and efforts will be taken to establish public parks on vacant places.

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The officials said that greenery will be planted along the roadsides, intersections of Peshawar and important historical places. According to sources, all the provincial government has issued directions to the Peshawar Development Authority and in-charge of horticulture units of the tehsil municipal administration.

The officials said under the ‘Sheen Pekhawar’ campaign, importance greenery will also be highlighted among the citizens and students of schools and universities will also be made a part of the campaign so as to create closeness with plants in future generations. It is to be noted that even before this, several campaigns were launched under the names of “Clean and Green Peshawar” and “City of Flowers Peshawar” on which millions of rupees were spent b the Peshawar Development Authority (PDA) were spent.

Changing ecosystem

The Vice-Chancellor of University of Agriculture, Professor Dr Jan Bakht told Mashriq that the eco-system has changed which has led to increase in temperature. He informed that Pakistan is among the top six countries worst affected by the climate change and there has been no rain in Peshawar for the last one year, which has led to increase in respiratory diseases.

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“We have to reduce environmental pollution to contain the impacts of climate change, Dr Bakht said. He added that the pollution level should be 25microgram per cubic meter but in Pakistan, especially in Lahore and Peshawar, it was more than 300 per cubic meter, recently. Bakht said that forest cover in Pakistan is just 5.5% which should be at least 31% to keep protecting the environment.  He said that the PTI government has played an important role in planting trees which has increased forest cover by 20%.

Bakht said that in the last 100 years, the water use has increased by sixth time in Peshawar which has led to decline in water table. He said that the water crisis will be worsening further in coming years if preventive measures were not taken to stop its wastage. Dr Bakht warned against food shortage, if the province did not receive sufficient among of rains as it has direct negative impacts on agriculture sector. He informed that the government is working on the state-of-art climate change center in KP to produce climate changes resisting seeds.

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