Pakistanis can travel to Kuwait despite new travel ban over virus outbreak
Monitoring Report
DUBAI: Kuwait’s civil aviation authority has imposed new rules on foreign nationals traveling from 10 countries that require the provision of a medical certificate from the country they are traveling from, confirming they are free of coronavirus, state news agency KUNA reported on Wednesday.
The new rule will come into effect from Sunday, March 8, and will cover passengers coming from Sri Lanka, The Philippines, India, Bangladesh, Turkey, Azerbaijan, Georgia, Egypt, Syria and Lebanon.
The medical certificate must be issued by health centers approved by the Kuwait embassy in each country, the report said. In countries where Kuwait has no embassy, medical centers issuing the certificates must be accredited by these countries’ health authorities.
Kuwait will turn back and deport passengers who fail to present these certificates on the same flights they took, and without any financial responsibility on the country. Airlines who violate the circular would be fined, civil aviation authorities added.
Meanwhile, Kuwaiti nationals returning home from these countries are exempt from the rule and instead will undergo government-led medical tests at the airport.