At least 70 hospitalised after gas leak at chemical factory in Karachi’s Port Qasim
Statesman Report
KARACHI: At least 70 people were affected by a gas leak at Engro Polymer & Chemicals Plant in Karachi’s Port Qasim area, officials said on Friday.
According to an official statement from Engro, the incident was caused due to the “release of chlorine gas through the vents”.
The statement said: “The matter was quickly contained and the affectees were immediately taken for necessary first aid to nearby medical facilities. Patients were being released once cleared after necessary inspection and necessary first aid. No fainting spells, injuries or fatalities have been reported thus far.”
The press release said that due to the incident, specific areas of the plant have been “taken offline” as a precautionary measure, adding that further investigations to ascertain the exact cause of the incident are under way.
The statement also clarified that the incident did not occur due to a boiler explosion, adding that all employees exposed to the gas were being screened.
However, Jinnah Post Graduate Medical Centre (JPMC) Executive Director Dr Seemin Jamali said that 80 patients had been brought to the facility, at least one of whom was in critical condition. She later clarified that 70 people had been brought to the facility.