IHC stops MD, Chairman PTV from performing duties
ISLAMABAD: The Islamabad High Court (IHC) Friday stopped Managing Director Aamer Manzor and Chairman PTV Arshad Khan Pakistan Television (PTV) from performing their duties while seeking parawise comments from respondents on a petition challenging their appointments.
Justice Mohsin Akhter Kiyani of IHC conducted the hearing filed by a citizen Muhammad Shafi through his counsel Umair Baloch, challenging the appointments of four members of PTV’s Board of Directors, its chairman and MD.
At the outset of hearing, the Federation’s representative requested the bench to grant more time to submit para-wise comments against the plea which was accepted by the court. The court, however, stopped MD and Chairman PTV from using their powers against their posts till next hearing on March 16.
The petitioner’s counsel pleaded before the bench that all legal procedure was not adopted in the appointments of MD Aamer Manzur and Chairman PTV Arshad Khan. The appointments of private members including Rashid Ali Khan, Zubail A. Khaliq, Farmanullah Jan and Ali Bokhari were also against the law, he claimed, adding that the decision were not taken in accordance with the court’s orders.
The court sought reply from respondents, and adjourned hearing of the case. - APP