108 women in Sindh ‘killed for honour’ in 2019 alone: report
Statesman Report
KARACHI: As many as 108 women fell victim to ‘honour killings’ in Sindh over the past year, according to a police report released on Friday.
The report, compiled by the police, recorded statistics from January 31, 2019 to January 30, 2020. According to the report, 126 people, who were suspected of being involved in the ‘honour killings’, had been arrested. Challans of 81 cases pertaining to ‘honour killings’ were presented in courts while 32 are still being investigated.
The courts are hearing 73 cases of the crime, while three have been thrown out.
Over the same period, 132 women were murdered for different reasons, the report said, adding that 174 suspects had been arrested. Police had presented challans in 87 of the cases, while 42 were still under investigation. In six cases, police were unable to find any evidence, the report said.
Out of the cases brought to courts, six were dismissed, while 75 are being heard.
Three cases of acid attacks on women were registered with the police, in which two suspects had been arrested. One case is still being investigated while the other two are being heard by the court.
Furthermore, 1,158 cases of kidnapping of girls were registered with the police, out of which 249 were closed after it was found that the women had married of their own free will. Police arrested 550 suspects and 358 cases are being heard by courts.
Another 466 cases were still being probed by the police. In 26 kidnapping cases, no leads had been found while 20 others were declared ‘fake’.
Police also recorded 128 cases of physical torture against women over the past year and arrested 136 suspects. The challans of 72 cases were submitted in courts, while 45 cases were under investigation. About 64 cases are being heard by the courts.

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