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Erdogan hits out at some Arab countries’ ‘treason’
ANKARA: Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan on Friday blasted some Arab countries for backing a Middle East plan unveiled by the United States, condemning it as "treason". "Some Arab countries that support such a plan commit treason against Jerusalem, as well as against their own people, and more importantly against all humanity," Erdogan told his party’s lawmakers in the parliament.
Turkey, a strong advocate of the Palestinian cause, had condemned the plan. "The United States’ so-called peace plan is stillborn," Turkey’s foreign ministry had said in a statement. "This is an annexation plan aimed at killing a two-state solution and extorting the Palestinian territory."
Erdogan Friday added that Turkey may launch a military operation into Syria’s northwestern province of Idlib if the situation in the region is not resolved immediately, as attacks by Russia-backed Syrian government forces raised concern of a new refugee wave to Turkey.
Speaking in Ankara, Erdogan said Turkey could not handle a fresh influx of migrants. On Wednesday, Erdogan had said Ankara was losing patience with the assault and accused Russia of violating agreements aimed at curbing conflict in the region. – AFP/ Reuters

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