PAC sub-body seeks briefing on PCP revival plan
ISLAMABAD: The sub-committee of Public Accounts Committee (PAC) has sought a detailed briefing from the cabinet secretary on the revival plan of Printing Corporation of Pakistan (PCP).
The sub-body chaired by MNA Shahida Akhtar Ali discussed the audit paras pertaining to Cabinet Secretariat for the year 2013-14.
Cabinet Secretary Maroof Afzal admitted that the condition of PCP was quite hopeless as they were still using obsolete machinery and unable to fulfill the required work.
Convener Shahida Akhtar Ali asked as to why the Election Commission of Pakistan (PCP) got the ballot papers printed from the Urdu Bazar?
Responding to the question, the secretary said since the PCP did not have required computers for the printing of ballot papers, therefore the ECP did not give them more than 25 percent ballot papers for printing.
He said Rs860 million had been given to the PCP so far but they could not replace their system with modern machinery.
He also admonished PCP chairman who was of the view that preparations were underway to float the tender for buying new machinery.
The secretary said this was the irony that they took money in the name of reviving the PCP and now were making feasibility, adding the money was given to PCP in 2017 and after that they called tenders four times but could not complete the process.
He proposed the PCP privatization and reiterated that was the only way forward.
But the Auditor General of Pakistan Javaid Jehangir disagreed with the idea.
He said instead of privatization, the government should restructure it because privatization would create unemployment. - APP