‘Ministers make statements which become difficult to manage,’ regrets PM
Statesman Report
ISLAMABAD: Prime Minister Imran Khan has expressed great displeasure at the unprofessionalism displayed by some of the PTI ministers, sources told Geo News on Saturday.
According to the sources, PM Imran said that when he checks his mobile phone in the morning he is made aware of what crisis he will have to tackle that day.
“When the opposition does nothing, some minister makes such a statement that it becomes difficult to manage [its after effects],” said the premier during a meeting with the PTI social media team.
“There are even some ministers who are found more in Kohsar Market than their offices,” he remarked in annoyance, referring to an upscale area in Islamabad frequented by people for dining out.
Over the course of the meeting, the wheat crisis also came under discussion and the premier promised that a fact-finding report on the wheat and sugar crisis will be made public.
"Whoever is found responsible for the crisis will not be spared and will be held accountable no matter how influential they are,” said the premier.
A day earlier, in a meeting to discuss the artificial shortage of wheat flour and sugar in the country, the prime minister had ordered that the investigative report regarding the shortage be made public as soon as possible and that exemplary punishment be meted out to those involved.
In Saturday's meeting, the premier also regretted the “intentional spread of fake news” against the government, however supporting the fact that “positive criticism on social media” needs to exist.
The PM said that it was necessary to ascertain the facts before “attacking the government”. “I am always prepared to handle a crisis,” he added.
PM Imran said that oftentimes it is “our own ministers who fall prey to the media’s fake news propaganda”.
The premier said that hopelessness is tantamount to sin and expressed confidence that the country will see good times soon.