Pakistan earns $389 million by exporting transport services
ISLAMABAD: Pakistan earned US $ 389.080 million by providing different transport services in various countries during the first six months of current financial year (2019-20) as compared to the corresponding period last year.
This shows decrease of 2.77 percent as compared to US $ 400.180 million earned through provision of services during the corresponding period of fiscal year (2018-19), Pakistan Bureau of Statistics (PBS) reported. During the period under review, the exports of air transport witnessed nominal decrease of 0.56 percent by going down from US $ 352.110 million last year to US $ 350.150 million during July-December (2019-20).
Among the air transport services, the exports of passengers services however increased by 11.92 percent, from US $ 204.190 million to US $ 228.530 million, whereas the exports of freight services also grew by 11.13 percent, from US $ 9.340 million to US $ 10.380 million, in addition the export of other air transport services decreased by 19.73 percent from US $ 138.580 million during the period under review to US $111.240 million last year.
The exports of sea transport services declined by 37.95 percent, by going down from US $ 22.240 million last year to US $ 13.800 million this year.
Among the sea transport services, the exports of freight services witnessed decrease of 15.77 percent by declining from US $ 9.260 million last year to US $ 7.800 million whereas the exports of other sea transport services also decreased by 53.78 percent from US $ 12.980 million to US $ 6.000 million this year, the PBS data revealed. - APP