Rawal lake poison mixing case
Court adjourns hearing till March 13
ISLAMABAD: An Anti Terrorism Court (ATC) Monday adjourned the hearing of a case pertaining to mixing poison in Rawal lake for catching fish till March 13 due to unavailability of the witness.
The hearing was resumed by ATC judge Raja Jawad Abbas Hassan.
The prosecution said the hearing was adjourned as the witness summoned for the day was unavailable due to some domestic problems. Later, the court again summoned the witness in the next date of hearing.
Main accused Jahangir Abbasi along with four other accused, nominated in three first information reports (FIRs), were present in the court. All of the accused were on bail in the matter.
The Secretariat Police had registered three FIRs against the accused Jahangir Ahmed Abbasi and four others, allegedly involved in catching fish after mixing poison into the Rawal lake water.
An FIR was registered on behalf of the contractor of fishing of Rawal lake whereas two other FIRs were registered on behalf of fisheries department under the terrorism clauses.
The hearing was later adjourned till March 13. - APP