People of twin cities
following SOPs

ISLAMABAD:The residents of twin cities have shown a responsible behavior by following Covid-19 SOPs to save themselves and their loved ones.
According to a survey conducted by APP on Wednesday, it was observed that the markets were closed and only those people were in the markets who needed some essentials including grocery or medicine in an emergency.
"We were abiding by the SOPs as per requirements against the COVID-19 for the safety during the Eid ul Fitr holidays", said a resident of Sector G/7 Muhammad Bilal while talking to APP.
He said on one side the government is fulfilling its responsibility by applying effective measures for the safety of citizens against the threat of COVID-19 while on the other side its responsibility of citizens to follow the SOPs set by the government for containing the Coronavirus.
Similarly, another resident of Sector G-11 Zainab Bibi appreciated the government lockdown policy for the protection of citizens during the Eid holidays.
She also mentioned that at this stage negligence of people in the shape of mass gathering at markets, especially on chand raat was a great risk for every citizen.
She urged the people of twin cities to follow SOPs set against the COVID-19 at every cost otherwise the result would be the loss of lives.
An official of the district administration also confirmed that people were adhering to the SOPs set by the National Command and Operation Operation Centre and good result is being observed in Islamabad and Rawalpindi against COVID-19.
The official requested the people for further cooperate for following SOPs against COVID-19 during Eid holidays. – APP