OIC says it will seek to help achieve peace in Afghanistan

– calls upon Afghan leadership to ensure country does not become a ‘terrorist haven’

JEDDAH: The Organisation of Islamic Cooperation (OIC) on Sunday called upon the future Afghan leadership and the international community to see to it that Afghanistan never shelters "terrorist organisations", and called for inclusive dialogue to resolve the crisis following the Taliban's takeover.

The Jeddah-based 57-member organisation said it would dispatch envoys to Afghanistan to stress the importance of "peace, stability, and national reconciliation".

Other multi-national organisations have indicated they will convene to consider how to tackle the situation in Afghanistan, including the G7, a week after the Taliban re-took power.

In a statement, the OIC "called upon the future Afghan leadership and the international community to ensure that Afghanistan is never again used as a platform or haven for terrorists and not allow terrorist organisations to have a foothold there."

It also raised the alarm over the humanitarian situation in the country, with surging numbers of displaced people and refugees.

The organisation "called on the Member States, the Islamic financial institutions, and partners to act swiftly to provide humanitarian assistance in the areas that need it the most and urgently."

The body’s calls and decisions are mostly symbolic, but it shows mistrust towards the Taliban who took over Kabul last week, and how some Muslim countries are concerned about the new reality on the ground in Afghanistan. - Agencies