The seamy side of science education
The Educational Testing and Evaluation Agency (ETEA) has lately been in the news. On August 22, it conducted a test to determine which students deserved to be admitted to the pre-engineering group of FSc classes. The result announced by the ETEA was a sad reflection on the quality of the science students being produced by our schools.
According to the ETEA officials, the entrance test was held in seven out of 35 districts of the province. Out of a total of 7741 candidates, as many as 414 remained absent. This shows that the absentees were undecided about whether to appear in the exam or stay out. They just wasted the exam fee paid by the parents.
The most shocking aspect of the entrance exam was that the 7273 candidates who finally appeared in the exam, failed to get the minimum 33 percent pass marks. It is quite a shame to learn that 99 percent of the candidates failed and thus the pass percentage was one. If one looks at the result cards issued to the candidates by the respective Boards of Intermediate and Secondary Education (BISEs), they all happen to be the first division holders. The massive use of unfair means and cheating in exams make it possible.
On the other hand, the ETEA exams are held under the supervision of army and police personnel. So any cheating is simply out of the question. Moreover, the ETEA has a foolproof system of paper setting and printing. The latest result shows that the education of science subjects is in shambles.