KP Assembly concerned over increasing use of ice, 10-wheeler drugs among youth

PESHAWAR: Both sides of the divide in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Assembly on Monday expressing concern over increasing use of ice and 10-wheeler drugs among youth in the province as well as in the federal capital, called for effective legislation to control the menace.
On an adjournment motion of Inayatullah Khan of Jamaat-e-Islami, the House held discussion on the use of ice and 10-wheeler drugs among youth in Peshawar, district Khyber and Islamabad and noticed that due to the use of the new drug dozens of youth died during the last few months.
Minister for Labour and Culture Shaukat Yousafzai said that there are 87 different drugs in KP Control of Narcotics Substances Act 2020, adding that the sale and use of these drugs were punishable under the act.
He said the amendments would be required in the existing act to make the use and sale of new drugs punishable offence under the law.
Shaukat informed the House that most of the drugs come from neighbouring countries and Excise department would be asked to propose the inclusion of 10-wheeler drug in the act besides taking action against it.
He criticized PMLN for use of Ephedrine as a drug and said that instead of blaming the present government for the drugs, the PMLN legislator should review the role of his own party.
The Minister said the government was ready to constitute a committee on new drugs and amend the existing act in consultation with the opposition members to protect the youth from the menace of drugs. He also called for creating awareness among youth on the negative effects of the use of narcotics and drugs.
Earlier, Inayatullah on his adjournment motion said that thousands of youth were already using ice in the province, and now the drug peddlers were using the composition of different narcotics to make 10-wheeler drug which is far more dangerous than ICE.
He said that according to UN report of 2013 there were 11 million people were using drugs in different forms. He said that ANF, Excise and police officials were engaged in narcotics control while the youth was falling prey to drug dealers.
PPP’s Ahmed Kundi said that private sector was minting money from people in the name of rehabilitation centres for drug addicts. He suggested the government hold tests of all officials of drug control entities to ascertain that whether they were involved in the use of drugs.
He alleged that many officials of narcotics control were involved in smuggling and use of drugs.
Salahuddin of ANP, Shagufta Malik of ANP, Nighat Orakzai of PPP, Mian Nisar Gul Kakakhel of JUIF and Mir Kalam Wazir, Ikhtiar Wali of PMLN also spoke on the occasion and demanded of the government to propose strict punishment against drug peddlers. - APP