World Cup smashes target with 1000 Champions on board

ISLAMABAD: Organisers of the ICC Women’s Cricket World Cup 2022 (CWC22) Wednesday announced that 1000 Kiwi have now signed up as ‘CWC22 Champions’ in support of the tournament. Launched in February, the community engagement campaign has struck a chord with Kiwi from all over Aotearoa – each one helping to spread the word as the pinnacle event in women’s ODI cricket approaches (4 March – 3 April 2022), the ICC said in a media release. The CWC22 Chief Executive Andrea Nelson says: “We’re ecstatic with the uptake of this fantastic campaign, which brings the World Cup action right to the heart of our communities. “From our leaders within the Beehive to sideline supporters at local clubs, we’re pleased to see so many New Zealanders embracing the opportunity to back what is the first World Cup to come to Aotearoa since the global pandemic struck,” she says. With the initial goal of recruiting an army of 1000 tournament champions achieved organisers have now set their sights on doubling the target as the tournament rides a growing groundswell of support. From sports legends to comedy royalty, Aotearoa’s biggest names have already lined up to show their support for the best cricketers in the world – and they want you to be on their team. Those who sign up will join the team of familiar faces such as Sir Richard Hadlee, Dame Valerie Adams, Kane Williamson, Toni Street, Madeleine Sami and Laura McGoldrick. – APP