Covid claims 141 lives during last 24 hours

ISLAMABAD: As many as 141 corona patients lost their battle of life during the last 24 hours, touching the highest tally of deaths in a day due to the fatal virus during the forth wave of COVID-19.

The national tally of total active COVID-19 cases was recorded as 91,204, on Wednesday with 4,199  more people were tested positive and 3,915 people recovered from the disease during this time span.

135 of the deceased were under treatment in the hospitals and six were perished in their respective quarantines or homes, according to the latest update issued by the National Command and Operation Centre (NCOC).

Most of the deaths were occurred in Sindh followed by Punjab.

Out of the total 141 deaths occurred, 59 of them were on ventilators.

There were 5,586 Covid infected patients under treatment in critical condition with 73 infected people admitted during past 24 hours in various Covid dedicated healthcare facilities of the country.

The National Covid positivity ratio during past 24 hours was recorded 6.83 percent.

The Covid positivity ratio is the percentage of actual positive cases appearing in every 100 tests performed to identify infected individuals.

The maximum ventilators were occupied in four major cities including Islamabad 43 percent, Bahawalpur 56 percent, Lahore 42 percent and Multan 67 percent. – APP