Premier launches three-year performance report claiming his govt stabilised country’s economy

‘Afghan army didn’t want to fight for corrupt govt’, says PM Imran

Statesman Report

ISLAMABAD: Prime Minister Imran Khan said on Thursday that the Afghan army did not fight against Taliban because ousted president Ashraf Ghani-led government was “corrupt”.

“Afghan people are not coward they are very brave and courageous… no nation has ever fought for their freedom like them [Afghans] who sacrificed one million lives in fight against Russians,” he said while addressing the nation to highlight the performance of his government on completion of three years in office on Thursday.

The ceremony was organised at Convention Centre in Islamabad to give an insight into the efforts of each ministry and division in facilitating the common man in line with the vision of ‘Naya Pakistan’.

Imran, while commenting on the evolving situation in Afghanistan, said despite having 300,000 troops and air support, Afghan army did not put up resistance against Taliban because “no one wants to fight for corrupt government”.

He also demanded of the international community to help the current Afghan setup under Taliban to establish peace in the country.

The premier also appreciated the Taliban’s announcements regarding forming an inclusive government, ensuring women rights and general amnesty for all.

“They have also pledged that they won’t allow anyone to use their soil against anyone… this is what world wanted from them,” the premier added.

Three-year performance

“The last three years were very difficult... the economy was on verge of collapse when we came into power and inherited huge current account deficit of $20 billion,” the prime minister said while briefing the nation on steps taken by his government to stabilise the country’s economy.

Imran also appreciated the role of friendly countries including UAE, China and Saudi Arabia in providing financial assistance to Pakistan, saying the country’s economy would have been in “very dire situation if they did not help”.

Highlighting his government’s achievements, the PTI chief said his government reduced the current account deficit of $20 billion to $1.8 billion during its three years in power.

Calling his political opponents “mafias”, PM Imran said they were busy in spreading “hopelessness” because they did not want the rule of law to be established in the country.

He said his government’s main focus is to root out corruption from the country and hold influential accountable for their actions.

Imran said his government was the first in the country’s history which took steps for the uplift of downtrodden segment of the society.

He said World Bank, WHO and other international institutions acknowledged Pakistan’s strategy to tackle Covid-19 pandemic while maintaining balance between lives and livelihood.

The Report 2018-21, compiled by the Ministry of Information and Broadcasting under the patronage of its head Fawad Chaudhry, focuses the accomplishments the government has made despite the global economic recession in the wake of coronavirus pandemic, reported Radio Pakistan.

The 251-page report gives an outline of the achievements of 44 public bodies including ministries, divisions and departments, through infographics and relevant facts and figures.

During its three-year in power, PTI-led government claimed to have completed 19,000 low-cost housing units while 45,000 are under construction.