Int’l Day against Nuclear Tests on Aug 29

PESHAWAR: The United Nations (UN) International Day against Nuclear Tests will be marked on August 29 across the globe which brings public awareness and education about the effects of global nuclear weapon tests.

This day aims to end nuclear testing and promote peace and security.

The International Day against Nuclear Tests aims to raise people’s awareness of the need to prevent nuclear catastrophes to avert devastating effects on humankind, the environment, and the planet.

Many people use the day as an opportunity to share their perspectives on the issue of nuclear weapons and testing. 

Different organizations may host educational and public activities to bring awareness of the use of nuclear weapons and the dangers involved with nuclear weapons testing and usage.

The history of nuclear testing began on July 16, 1945, when an atomic bomb was used at a desert test site in Alamogordo, New Mexico, in the United States. More than 2000 nuclear tests were carried out worldwide between 1945 and 1996.

Over the years, there have been calls to ban nuclear tests to protect people’s lives and the environment around them.

The UN approved a draft resolution in late 2009 for an international day against nuclear tests to raise public awareness about the threats and dangers of nuclear weapons. 

It was also hoped that the UN’s member states would move towards the idea of nuclear disarmament. – APP