Impact of Kabul bombings on KP
Everyone was in tears at the Hamid Karzai International Airport Kabul. On the evening of August 26, the suicide bombings once again returned to the Afghan capital, after about 20 years. The airport has three entrance gates, quite close to one another. The first bomb exploded at the Abbey Gate. Minutes later, a second bomb shook the Baron Hotel, just adjacent to the airport. The twin bombings exposed the capability of the local administration to cope with an emergency. The blasts killed 85 persons and wounded 140. The injured were carried on wheelbarrows to the Emergency Hospital, run by an Italian organisation. The others were taken to the city’s Indira Gandhi Hospital. Meanwhile, from the Situation Room of the White House, the US President Joe Biden watched the mayhem. He issued a stern warning to the facilitators of the bombers. He said that he would neither forget nor forgive. He added that America had the technology to reach the culprits, wherever they happened to be. Being a world power, the USA may have the technology. But Pakistan and Afghanistan are not very rich. They do not have the bare minimum to treat their citizens maimed by bombs. As it used to happen in the past, the critically wounded are taken to hospitals in Peshawar. But the fact is that in Peshawar, the government, as well as the private hospitals, are already overcrowded. One cannot imagine what will happen if ambulances from Kabul also come wailing. A human disaster of enormous magnitude is staring us in the face. The coming few days will show how the two neighbours tackle the crisis.