Covid-19 continues to wreak havoc on KP

Coronavirus pandemic is unrelenting in its ruthlessness. The other day, the pandemic took the life of another illustrious physician. Professor Dr Zahir Shah was the former Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of the Khyber Teaching Hospital (KTH) in Peshawar. For the last few days, he had been receiving treatment in the Corona Ward of the Hayatabad Medical Complex (HMC). On August 26, his condition deteriorated and he surrendered to the pandemic.

With his death, the total number of doctors dying with the coronavirus in KP rose to 70. Dr Zahir Shah retired from Khyber Medical College (KMC) as Professor of Community Medicine. The officials of the Provincial Doctors Association said that so far the coronavirus pandemic in KP had claimed the lives of 108 doctors and the front-line health workers combined. They said that it was a sad commentary on the state of affairs that out of 108, only a few of them had been given the Martyrs Package announced by the government.

The doctors and nurses who sacrificed their lives, while treating others, were by no means rich persons. They were just government servants with respectable jobs. Their dependents now have to pay the utility bills and fees of school-going children. In some cases, they are living in rented houses. So the least that the government can do for them is to register their names under the Martyrs Package. Not that the package will make them millionaires. Small help will enable them to make both ends meet in a decent manner.